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Jack and Ianto...

Putting all the uses of a Stopwatch to practise!

The Risen Mitten
18 May 1989
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Ok for those that know me you will know I am slash mad. I multiship but I only believe in one OTP. That is my drug, addiction call it what you will but it's Nick and Greg.
I also ship Danny/Martin, JC/Lance (yes as in PopSlash), Tommy/Merton and a few obscure fandoms.
My favourite Bands include Greenday, Dashboard Confessional, *NSync and Il Divo. I'm addicted to anything related to CSI or Eric Szmanda. So yea. *Holds up hand* My names Hannah and I am a FanGirl.
I play guitar. Not well but I'm learning. XD
I am in love with the Rugby Player Jonny Wilkinson, Sooo HOTT!
Oh an I want to be a forensic scientist when I'm older.

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Benton Fraser is love
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tre cool is love
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Danny and Martin is Love.

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Ryan Cabrera is Love

Michael Buble is Love

Jake Gyllenhaal is Sexy-Fine Love

Weebl and Bob (and assorted characters) are Love

CSI is Love